March 23, 2019
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When deciding on a vehicle for the Mongol Rally 2006 we decided there could only be one car for task.

"Back in the day, after Andrew and I had just passed our driving tests, I received a brand spanking new (to me) 1991 white Vauxhall Nova saloon. In just over a year Andrew and I had covered 25,000 miles of pure pleasure joyriding in it in a true boy-racer style on some of the most ridiculous roadtrips. After an incident with a particularly harsh mountain track the car spent its last days with three alloy wheels and one steel wheel, a burnt out fuse box, no rear view mirror, no handbrake, no rear bumper, and finally it would only travel a few miles before cutting out. It truly was my best car - it seemed to have its own personality." Lloyd

So there was only one car we saw fit for this insane adventure - a white Vauxhall Nova.

Unfortunately, we could only find a 1989 hatchback version which was within our budget that we picked up on Monday 8th May 2006 from Pontypridd for 250 from a very nice guy called Tom.

Our little Nova got us all the way to Ulaan Baatar almost problem free. We'll never forget it...

The Nostalgic Nova:

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